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My Favourite Pubs of 2009

Hello everyone and happy new year. You may have noticed I haven’t exactly been keeping this blog running very smoothly over the last few months, so many apologies. Work got in the way, and then life, and anyway, I’ve resolved to get things going again in 2010.

This time last year I did a ‘favourite pubs of 2008’ list on my own personal journal, and I know I try to avoid value judgments about pubs over here at Pubology, but as it’s the start of a new year I’m going to be self-indulgent. Normal service will return shortly, I hope. Please note that this is an entirely subjective list compiled by me (Ewan) based solely on pubs I visited last year, so this isn’t a list of my all-time favourite pubs and you may well disagree or have your own favourites, but I can only judge on the basis of the few pubs I visited during 2009.

In 2009, according to my spreadsheet (yes), I made 393 visits to pubs and bars, a total of 295 separate establishments (54 of them I visited more than once). The majority were in London.

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