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Estate Pubs

City pubs have always generally been built in proximity to either workplaces or residential areas, even if due to movements of population and industry some of them may now be somewhat lonely.1  Among the latter, residential, type exists possibly the highest expression of pub:2 the estate pub.

Estate pubs as I see them, aren’t just any pubs serving a large, high-density residential population. They have specific characteristics. Most notably, they are integrated into post-war housing estates. A great deal of damage was sustained in London during World War II as a result of German bombing. This, combined with the heightened demand for homes coming from the baby boom generation, led to vast tracts of land both inside and around London being used for estate development.3 After a fallow period of post-war indecisiveness and lack of resources during the 50s, the 1960s saw the start of this building programme. Architects planned ideal communities from concrete, with more than just homes, but a sense of social cohesion instilled through green spaces, community centres, shops and leisure centres (ideals which have been much under attack ever since — see the recent threat to Robin Hood Gardens in Poplar). These developments also required pubs.

The Camden (Camden Town NW1)
Figure 1. The Camden (Camden Town NW1).

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