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Welcome to Pubology

UPDATE 2015: Let’s be realistic, I’m not updating this blog anymore with new entries. Other people are better at writing about the beer scene and about pubs; I like sitting in them and drinking. I still take photos and post them to Flickr, but my pub energies are devoted to doing research on pubs for my London Pubology website. As for blogging, I spend most of my time these days writing about the films I go to see (my other hobby), to no particular success or interest, but it amuses me.

The post below was written when I started the blog, aside from the statistics.


As you may have guessed, in this blog I intend to waffle on about pubs, with specific examples drawn from London. As of May 2014, I have around 6000 photos of London pubs on Flickr, so although I can’t pretend to have any kind of comprehensive coverage, I’ve probably got a pretty good sample set to draw upon.

My intent is not to review specific pubs. Although value judgements may come into it to a certain extent, you can go to a website such as Fancyapint (or Randomness Guide to London, to which I contribute) to get that kind of information. Instead, I want to try and categorise the pubs and talk about the salient features of these categories, and then highlight particularly interesting pubs, etc.

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