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So this post isn’t about my usual topics, it’s more of an announcement that my London Pubology website is now up and live, so do feel free to visit it. It’s a fairly straightforward (and rather dry) list-based site which started as a way to present my pub photos. That was of course, also the genesis of this blog, but is less concerned with context than with information, really. It’s my pub database essentially.

I should clarify that it is not intended in any way to compete with or replace Kevan’s excellent Pubs History (Dead Pubs) website. I have used that site for research purposes and linked to it wherever possible; it is still the best source for historical census and directory information about pubs across the South-East of England (the notes and sources for my information are a rather late addition to my own work which I’m still adding). Instead, what I’m trying to build up is a list of all drinking establishments past and present, plotted carefully on a map of London, with links to sources and resources, and of course a photo if I have one. In this sense, it’s very much a work in progress, and so far I have only put up a smallish number of postcode areas (for that is how it is organised), and even those still require much work.

What I am keen to try to figure out, though — and this is where my readers can help — is what kind of use it can be. I want it to be useful to people, so I’d really appreciate suggestions for improvements or changes. I have my own ideas of course, and I am working with Kake from Randomness Guide to London (who has been invaluable in getting this site actually made) to improve it all the time. But it would still be really helpful to be able to get some ideas about things that could be changed to make it more accessible, to give it wider value.

In the meantime, there it is. Do have a look


6 responses to “Pubology Website

  1. Something that would be very useful is a note on the breweries that owned/own the pubs, where known.

    • I have been trying to include that information wherever I can. I find ownership issues (especially more recently) get really rather complicated when you look into it, but I do try to include it where I find it out.

      If you have any advice about the best place to research such matters, that would be helpful. I’ve been getting my information mainly from CAMRA updates (such as the London Drinker magazine et al.), and occasionally from archive sources, as well as just guessing from old photos, but it doesn’t tend to come up in census returns and post office directories, which so far is my main source of information.

  2. Hi Ewan,
    Nice one. I have added a link in my whats new page. Thanks for all the links. If you add target=”blank” between the “<a and href=" in your links you will open a new page rather than leaving your site. I can drop you an email to explain this, if needs be.
    I think we should work together – we both get on. I have a server which means new sites cost me less than £10 a year, and I have full control of the server. Are you interested? I just need a few ads to cover site costs, but why duplicate. You can have full access to this server, I trust you.

  3. HI !! i’m going to visit london in april.. is there any pub i will MUST enjoy a beer in?

    • It really depends where in London you’ll be and what kind of thing you’re looking for. Definitely visit a pub, and if you want pub recommendations go to Fancyapint.

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